ZX Spectrum Games

Here you can find three games I wrote for the ZX Spectrum. You can play them online in your browser here: Citadel, Blip Blop, Triblox. I have also uploaded the original source code and design documents.


Triblox was a puzzle game that I made by combining ideas from Tetris and Klax. Undoubtedly my best game, it was also the last one I wrote and I completed it in 1993. Unfortunately, by that point the bottom had dropped out of the Spectrum games market, so I never got it published at the time.

Triblox was written with the HiSoft Devpac GENP3 assembler.

Blip Blop

Blip Blop was an arcade adventure, based on the Dizzy games. I like to think that the puzzles and game play were not bad, but you will see (and hear) that graphics and sound weren’t my strong point. I did try to publish this one, but it wasn’t really up to professional standard. It was also written with GENP3.


This was a maze type game, with one-way pipes, keys and doors, and hidden passages. It was written with the Roybot assembler.

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  1. A very interesting look into the assembly coding process and at the notes for game design. Triblox would have dominated the market if released in 1988.

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