Mike Dowman on the Web

This website is here to host various bits and pieces that don’t fit on any of my other websites, and also to provide links to some of my places on the web.

ZX Spectrum Games

A long long time ago, I wrote some games for the ZX Spectrum: Citadel, Blip Blop and Triblox. You can find these games, along with their source code, and the design documents for Blip Blop and Triblox here.

Scratch Programming and Lego Robots

Scratch is an educational programming language created by MIT. I have a collection of Scratch programs here.

I also have Scratch code for all the Lego WeDo robots here.

Maths Colouring

Indigo Maths lets you create number bond and times table colouring worksheets that reveal children’s names when completed. So far it’s been a big hit with all the kids I’ve tried it out with.

Research in Language Acquisition and Evolution

I used to work in academic research in linguistics. Sooner or later I intend to get round to resurrecting my old academic web site here.

Wise Words

I collect ‘wise words’ on a website here. If you’ve got any of your own, feel free to add them; otherwise you can just read and vote for other people’s.

Rainbow Thinking

I have a positive thinking website. The thing with this one is either you get it or you don’t.


I have a make-your-own e-cards website here. Maybe not quite as slick as Jacquie Lawson, but some people like it.